BenchTop Turbo for thermal evaporation

The flexible and compact BenchTop Turbo for thermal evaporation and sample preparation is a powerful, versatile high vacuum evaporation and sputtering system. It is capable of full-range, low-voltage (resistive) thermal evaporation and can produce fine-grained thin films via sputtering for high resolution microscopy applications.

The BenchTop Turbo can support up to two sources with optional co-deposition, and is perfect for evaporation with thermal resistance, sputtering for sample preparation, and rotary shadowing. It provides highly reliability with repeatable, consistent performance.


The BenchTop Turbo will conserve space in your crowded lab – fitting within the 32-inch width of a desktop, it is easy to maintain as well as to run, thanks to its touch-screen graphical interface. Using the glow discharge option, SEM samples and TEM grids can be cleaned in argon plasma to remove surface hydrocarbon contamination. The feature also provides the capability to make carbon support films hydrophilic, to enable wetting with aqueous solutions.

Use the Benchtop Turbo when you want to:

  • Evaporate with thermal resistance
  • Sputter for high quality sample preparation
  • Clean with AC glow discharge
  • Activate carbon with AC glow discharge
  • Rotary shadowing
  • Applications
    • Low-voltage resistive (thermal) evaporation
    • High vacuum carbon coating
    • High resolution microscopy coatings
    • Rotary shadowing
    • Aperture cleaning