Delivering superior productivity in less than 36” (.95 m) of desk top space, the Desktop Pro is a versatile, high vacuum, DC & RF sputtering platform. Pumping down to high vacuum (10-6 torr range) in under 30 minutes, the Desktop Pro supports one or two cathodes in a confocal configuration delivering high uniformity films over a 4” diameter area. Power, gas flow and cathode-to-substrate distance can be adjusted to optimize uniformity and deposition rate. Options include co-sputtering and the deposition of magnetic and/or dielectric materials. For reactive sputtering, a  programmable mass flow controller is available for precise process control.

The Desktop Pro increases research productivity and helps ensure consistent, highly repeatable results.

Helping deliver this superior productivity, consistency and repeatability is the Desktop Pro’s color touch-screen. The Desktop Pro’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) manages the system at every point in the process, from pumping to venting to time-power deposition sequences for repeatability. Whether in auto or manual mode, interlocks ensure safe operation at all times.

Use the Desktop Pro when you want:

  • High researchproductivity with consistent, repeatable results
  • Fast change-overs in a multi-user environment
  • Broad process flexibility, including co-sputtering and the deposition of magnetic and/or dielectric materials